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Local Cultural Councils like ours make up the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation!
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a unique way of distributing some of the funds it allocates to support cultural programs: Local Cultural Councils, or LCCs. LCCs are groups of local volunteers who decide how to spend their town's share of the state allocation. The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) manages 329 Local Cultural Councils in Massachusetts; the Montague Cultural Council is one of them, as are the Cultural Councils in neighboring towns such as Gill, Greenfield, Erving, Leverett, Wendell, and Bernardston. 

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What sorts of programs do we fund?
In a typical year, the Commonwealth gives the Montague Cultural Council about $5000 to distribute as grants to individuals and organizations. We usually divide the money among about 20 public programs and events. Our grants for 2017 went to:

Amy Eichorn, to support the Sheffield Elementary school trip to the UMASS Fine Arts Center.

The Co-op Concerts, for a program of music concerts performed at the Greenfield Energy Park.

Da Camera Singers, for a choral concert featuring local musicians and composers.

Deer Paths Nature School, to produce and perform a musical about the Connecticut River and its ecology.

Janet Diani, to run a program with the Catholic Social Ministries supporting at-risk people in our community.

Jeanne Douillard, to research and prepare a presentation on the history of the French-descended community in our area.

Matthew Duncan, for the Good Music Makes Good Neighbors music festival.

Hilltown Families, to support their online community efforts.

Linda McInerney, to produce a Holiday Spectacular at the Shea Theatre in Turners Falls.

Mary Lyon Foundation, to bring best-selling author Luis Urrea to the community to give talks.

Meadowedge Art, to support a program that combines reading and sculpture for young students.

Montague Public Libraries, to bring Angela Roell in from Yard Birds Farm for a program educating children about the nature of honeybees and the role they play in our food system.

Musica Franklin, to help provide low-income children access to musical education.

Nolumbeka Project, Inc.to support the Pocumtuck Homelands Festival in August at Unity Park in Turners Falls.

Beverly Phelps, for a project that will research and document public art in the Turners Falls area.

Piti Theatre Company, to produce their solo physical comedy "Just This" at the Shea Theatre.

Racial Justice Risingin support of their monthly program series examining racism and social justice in Greenfield. 

Laura Rodley, for "As You Write It," an ongoing project that collects and publishes the stories and memoirs of local seniors.

Silverthorne Theater Company, for their summer season of productions at the Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield.

Suzanne LoManto, to help support Turners Falls RiverCulture's "Black History Month: Music and Diversity III" at the Shea Theater.

Daniel Prasol to help the Franklin County Technical School Drama Program present a play at the Shea Theater in March.

Roger Tincknell, for an inter-generational community music concert at the Gill-Montague Senior Center.

Makerspace Workshops, for a workshop demonstrating the uses and capabilities of 3-D printers for teenagers hosted by the Carnegie Library in June.